Never underestimate the power that Drake has over anything and everything Toronto.

FIFA unveiled where each one of the 104 games of the 2026 World Cup will be played in Mexico, the United States and Canada, and the music mogul was Canada’s ambassador for the one-hour television spectacle, even sitting down for a one-on-one fireside chat with FIFA president Gianni Infantino.

Given all that the rapper has done to put Toronto on the map, perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised at all to see his hometown, which he has famously nicknamed “the 6ix,” awarded six World Cup fixtures to be played at BMO Field.

“Canada as a whole, we have an incredible melting pot. But in Toronto, there are just so many different cultural experiences. So when the world comes it’s going to be beautiful,” Drake said in the pre-recorded interview.

“Not to make this a Canadian promo but we are the nicest people you’ll ever meet,” the rapper proudly claimed.

There are many Canadians that would argue Torontonians wouldn’t qualify amongst ‘the nicest people you’ll ever meet,’ but on Sunday, most Toronto-based fans would’ve been pretty happy to see Canada’s most populous city awarded one more fixture than a previously expected five.

In addition to hosting CanMNT’s opening group stage match, four other group matches will be played at BMO Field and one round-of-32 game will round out Toronto’s World Cup experience.

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“Of course, [Toronto will] welcome [fans] with open arms and just to have all these different people who are there with passion, with competitive spirit for a great game and great cause. I think it’s just gonna fill the streets with so much energy. We’ll be ready for you in Canada,” Drake said with excitement.

“Drake was incredible,” Infantino added with glee after the pre-recorded interview aired. “A real soccer fan as well.”

The schedule announcement show was star studded. In addition to the world’s best-known rapper, actor and comedian Kevin Hart hosted the broadcast alongside Jenny Taft and Spanish-speaking play-by-play legend Andres Cantor. Kim Kardashian also made an appearance joining FOX Sports host Rob Stone in Los Angeles to announce that SoFi Stadium would host the USMNT’s opening fixture.

Vancouver will host seven games in total, including CanMNT’s second and third group stage matches, and both one round-of-32 and a last-16 fixture.