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Five European countries have no deal in place to broadcast Women’s World Cup

By: Andrew Hockridge Imagine if you couldn't watch World Cup games. Seems unthinkable, doesn't it? The threat of a TV blackout for five … Read More

Rib injury keeps veteran Victor Vázquez out of Toronto FC season opener

Toronto FC fans will have to wait a little bit longer to see Victor Vázquez in TFC colours again. The Spaniard will miss Saturday's 2023 MLS … Read More

‘The federation has to back us, in every way’: CanMNT and TFC midfielder Jonathan Osorio

With a brand new MLS season set to kick off this weekend, Canadian men's national team midfielder Jonathan Osorio hasn't taken his eye off what the … Read More

Toronto FC ship Jesús Jiménez to FC Dallas for midfielder Brandon Servania

A brand new MLS season kicks off this weekend, but the club with the league’s highest payroll is still making moves. On a bank holiday Monday … Read More

Vancouver Whitecaps officially sign Venezuelan striker Sergio Córdova from FC Augsburg

With five days until the 2023 MLS season kicks off, the Vancouver Whitecaps roster finally looks ready. After weeks of negotiations, the … Read More

CanWNT star Janine Beckie earns 100th Canada cap

Updated: Sunday, February 19. 9 p.m. EST Janine Beckie is one of the best Canadian players and strongest voices in the game today. And now … Read More