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AC Milan reportedly going all-in on Jonathan David, hope to agree deal in January to sign Canada striker from Lille

To all appearances, it seemed early this summer that Jonathan David would be on the move in Europe. That didn't materialize, with few solid … Read More

Aston Villa manager Carla Ward says Canada star Adriana Leon ‘has come to the right place’ to re-fire club career

Adriana Leon has had a big summer for the Canadian women's national team, reminding any doubters she may have had that she's a big player for the … Read More

Cyle Larin’s Real Mallorca manager calls out Canada striker after 96th-minute miss against Barcelona

Cyle Larin's Real Mallorca manager Javier Aguirre does not mince his words. The Mallorca boss called out the Canada striker on Tuesday after … Read More

Canada star Nichelle Prince ready to play big role again after returning from Achilles injury to score against Jamaica

Canada are 90 minutes away from having the chance to defend their Olympic gold medal. Nichelle Prince is a major reason why. The 28-year-old … Read More

Cavalry FC are 2023 Canadian Premier League regular season champions, will lift new CPL Shield

They call the place 279 kilometres north of Calgary "The City of Champions." But Cavalry FC have brought a new title to Cow Town. With their 1-0 … Read More

Cyle Larin’s Real Mallorca strike partner Vedat Muriqi backs ‘very shy’ Canadian striker to ‘loosen up’

Just like his Osmow's cameo, in real life, Cyle Larin is also a man of few words. That much will be obvious to anyone who has watched any of his … Read More