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Ismaël Koné hailed by Canada teammates and CanMNT head coach John Herdman as ‘the future’

At 20 years of age, Ismaël Koné is already beginning to prove that he is ready to be CanMNT’s engine in midfield for years to come. In only … Read More

‘This camp is pivotal’: Bev Priestman understands value of CanWNT pre-World Cup window

The 2023 Women’s World Cup is right around the corner, and the Canadian women’s national team will have their sights firmly set on building upon … Read More

Bev Priestman’s CanWNT squad for April friendly vs. France announced

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‘I hope a lot of fans book time off and turn up in Vegas’: John Herdman wants Canada fans to paint Sin City red

The saying "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" will not apply to the Canadian men's national team this June. If Canada can win their … Read More

‘If we don’t win trophies, it’s not worth it’: Stephen Eustáquio, Alistair Johnston redefining CanMNT success

It's been a banner year for the Canadian men's national team, but the unanimous noises around the team's camp are that they are just getting … Read More

Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps stars named to MLS Team of the Week

There were two Canadian clubs in action this week in MLS and neither of them won their games. But fans had their own reasons to celebrate … Read More